Students in the Lab

The BYU Cardiovascular Research Lab is primarily staffed by talented graduate and undergraduate students. See the bios below to learn more about our current team members.

Graduate Students:

Jessica Collins:

Jessica grew up in Houston, Texas and received her B.S. in Exercise and Wellness from BYU in 2018. She is currently working on her M.S. in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology. When she’s not busy exercise training subjects in the lab or in class, she enjoys spending time with her husband relaxing and watching a good movie, getting outside to explore the mountains and lakes nearby, or recreationally playing various sports.

Currently, Jessica’s research is focused on the effects of different endurance exercise training programs on the fatigue threshold, Critical Power, and muscle blood flow. As part of this research, she utilizes DEXA body composition scans, VO2max tests, doppler ultrasound, and near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). She is also interested in the effects of increased Critical Power on exercise performance and general quality of life. Currently these interests focus on young, healthy but sedentary individuals, but she is also interested in these relationships amongst older individuals and trained athletes.Through her current research and beyond it, she hopes to help people learn more about their own bodies—their capacities, abilities, and their strengths—and to empower them to take control of their own health and wellness through proper exercise habits and lifestyle changes. 

Abi Dorff:

Jessica Linde:

Taysom Wallace:

Undergraduate Students:

Garrett Griffin 2018-2021

I am from Spanish Fork, Utah. I am majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology. After more Zoom classes than I expected, I will
graduate in April 2021. Outside of schoolwork, I enjoy mountain
biking, hanging out with my wife, and trying to corral our new puppy
into chewing his toys and not the furniture.

During my time in the cardiovascular lab, I have helped with studies
examining the effects of diathermic heat treatment on vascular
function as well as the cardiovascular adaptations that result from
different exercise intensities. I have learned how to administer tests
such as VO2Max testing, passive leg movement assessment, and
flow-mediated dilation assessment. I enjoy learning most everything
about the human body, but I’m most interested in performance exercise programming as well as therapeutic rehabilitation modalities.

My Big Plan is to become a physical therapist. I want to help people
get the most function and enjoyment out of their bodies as possible.
I’m undecided about further specialization but DPT will be a good
place to start.

Jason Kofoed 2018-2021

Jason is an undergrad student at Brigham Young University studying Exercise Science. He grew up in Bountiful, Utah, and is a proud Woods Cross High School Alumni. He currently operates a swim school business teaching nearly 150 kids how to swim each summer. He grew up playing football and lacrosse, but since college, he has found new passion in golf and longboarding the Provo canyon roads.

Jason enjoys participating in multiple research projects at BYU. Currently he is working to understand the relationship of vascular function and neuromuscular adaptations to heat therapy as compared to exercise. He has participated heavily in the lab since 2018 and has obtained many skills, of which include: running physical assessment tests such as VO2 max and critical power testing, using ultrasound imaging to measure blood flow in various arteries, operating a DEXA machine, and others.

Through his college experience, he learned that teaching and research are two of his biggest passions in life. His goal for the future is to earn a Ph. D in Exercise Physiology. With this degree, he hopes to be able to teach and conduct research at a reputable university.

Olivia Leach 2019-2020

Megan Sherman 2019-2020

Jaron Quirante 2020-