Recent Papers and Presentations

  1. Critical Power and Work-Prime Account for Variability in Endurance Training Adaptations Not Captured by VO2max. Collins J, Leach O, Dorff A, Linde J, Gifford JR. Journal of Applied Physiology 2022.
  2. Impact of Interrepetition Rest on Muscle Blood Flow and Exercise Tolerance during Resistance Exercise. Gifford JR, Kofoed J, Leach O. Medicina 2022.
  3. Localized Heat Therapy Improves Mitochondrial Respiratory Capacity but Not Fatty Acid Oxidation. Marchant EM, Kaluhiokalani JP, Wallace TE, Gifford JR…Hancock C. International Journal of Molecular Science. 2022.
  4. Indices of leg resistance artery function are independently related to cycling V̇O2max. Gifford JR, Hanson BE. Physiological Reports 2020.
  5. Critical Speed throughout Aging: Insight from the World Masters Championships. Gifford JR, Collins J. MSSE 2020.
  6. Stretching‐based vascular rehabilitation? it’s not a stretch. Gifford JR. Journal of Physiology 2020.
  7. Vascular function is related to blood flow during high-intensity, but not low-intensity, knee extension exercise. Hanson BE. Proffit M, Gifford JR. Journal of Applied Physiology 2020.
  8. Strong Relationship Between Vascular Function in the Coronary and Brachial Arteries: A Clinical Coming of Age for the Updated Flow-Mediated Dilation Test? Broxterman R… Gifford JR, Richardson RS. Hypertension 2019.
  9. Effect of Cuff Pressure on Blood Flow DuringBlood Flow-Restricted Rest and Exercise. Crossley K, Feland B, Gifford JR. MSSE 2020.
  10. CORP: ultrasound assessment of vascular function with the passive leg movement technique. Gifford JR, Richardson RS. Journal of Applied Physiology 2017.
  11. Symmorphosis and skeletal muscle: in vivo and in vitro measures reveal differing constraints in the exercise‐trained and untrained human. Gifford JR…Richardson RS. Journal of Physiology 2015.
This article examined the relationship between vascular function and maximum exercise blood flow. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS ARTICLE

Blood flow restricted training is a technique in which a tourniquet is applied while performing light intensity exercise. Amazingly, the gains in muscle mass elicited by lifting light weights with a tourniquet on are comparable to those elicited by lifting much heavier weights under normal conditions. This article examined the relationship between cuff pressure and blood flow during rest and exercise. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE ARTICLE.

This is a perspective or commentary Dr. Gifford wrote about an article that demonstrated that stretching training can improve vascular function. Click here to view the article.

This study examined the effect of movement speed and movement range of motion on the hyperemic response to the passive leg movement test. This has implications for how to administer a common test of resistance artery health.

Click here to access the article.

This article sets forth methodological guidelines for performing the passive leg movement test of vascular function.

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