Meet the Team

Dr. Jayson Gifford

JaysonGifford profile.png
Jayson Gifford, Ph.D. leads the cardiovascular research lab at BYU. Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Jayson earned his Ph.D. from the University of Utah. His research interests and expertise focus on how the cardiovascular system impacts endurance exercise performance. He has particular interest in the effects of vascular dysfunction, aging and exercise training on VO2max and critical power.

When he’s not researching or teaching exercise physiology, Jayson enjoys hiking, camping, riding his bike and hanging out with his family. Jayson speaks both English and Spanish.

Recent Publications (of 30+ publications)

  1. Indices of leg resistance artery function are independently related to cycling V̇O2max. Gifford JR, Hanson BE. Physiological Reports 2020.
  2. Critical Speed throughout Aging: Insight from the World Masters Championships. Gifford JR, Collins J. MSSE 2020.
  3. Stretching‐based vascular rehabilitation? it’s not a stretch. Gifford JR. Journal of Physiology 2020.
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  5. Strong Relationship Between Vascular Function in the Coronary and Brachial Arteries: A Clinical Coming of Age for the Updated Flow-Mediated Dilation Test? Broxterman R… Gifford JR, Richardson RS. Hypertension 2019.
  6. Effect of Cuff Pressure on Blood Flow DuringBlood Flow-Restricted Rest and Exercise. Crossley K, Feland B, Gifford JR. MSSE 2020.
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  8. Symmorphosis and skeletal muscle: in vivo and in vitro measures reveal differing constraints in the exercise‐trained and untrained human. Gifford JR…Richardson RS. Journal of Physiology 2015.