Graduate Student Proposals

In this video, master’s student Jessica Linde proposes here M.S. thesis, which will investigate the impact of biological sex and the menstrual cycle on Critical Power and W’. In simpler terms, she will be investigating if females perform better or worse at different times of the menstrual cycle.

In this video, Jessica Collins proposes her M.S. thesis, which will investigate the effect of different exercise training protocols on vascular function and critical power (June 2020)
This video is Jessica Collins’ defense of her thesis. To make a long story short, Jessica found that High Intensity Interval Training increased critical power more than traditional endurance training and that the training-induced changes in critical power were not related to changes in VO2max.

This proposal, by graduate student Abi Dorff, will investigate the role of impaired muscle blood flow in the age-related decrease in Critical Power.