Resources and Equipment

BYU Human Performance Research Center Facilities and Equipment

The BYU Cardiovascular Lab is part of the The Human Performance Research Center (HPRC) at Brigham Young University. The HPRC boasts 2 Exercise Physiology Labs (~2,000 square feet total), a new exercise training lab, a body composition lab, a biochemistry, Imaging and Cell Culture Lab, as well as a biomechanics lab.  In addition to having an array of resources in the HPRC, access to core labs on BYU campus, including an MRI center provide the research team with world-class resources.  The equipment and resources available to the research team in the HPRC and on the BYU campus are listed below.

Exercise Physiology Labs

Example of VO2max and Critical Power Testing in the BYU Cardiovascular Research Lab
Example of Measurement of Leg Blood Flow with Doppler Ultrasound during Maximal Knee Extension Exercise in the BYU Cardiovascular Research Lab
Biodex Isokinetic Dynamometer in the Exercise Physiology Lab at BYU
  • 3 GE 2017 Doppler Ultrasounds (2 Logiq E and Logiq P9) with multiple probes (3, 9L, 12L, 8-18L Probes) for measurement of vascular function at rest and during exercise and muscle/adipose tissue thickness.
  • 1 Sphygmacor Pulse Wave Velocity Measurement System
  • 2 Finger Photoplethysmography Units (1 Finapress, 1 CNAP) for the measurement of beat-by-beat blood pressure and cardiac output
  • 1 Automated Ultrasound Edge Detection System (FMD Studios, Quipu)
  • 3 Pulsed-Short-wave Diathermy Units (Meagpulse II) for deep muscle and tissue heating
  • 1 Intramuscular Thermocouple System (Columbus Instruments) for the measurement of intramuscular temperature
  • 1 Oxiplex TS Near Infrared Spectrometer (ISS Systems) with two probes for the assessment of muscle oxygenation at rest and during exercise
  • 1 Finger Pulse Oximeter (Biopac) for the measurements of arterial oxygen saturation
  • 1 Biopac Data Acquisition System for the integration of data from multiple sources into one file
  • 1 Automated Blood Pressure System (Tango, Suntech)
  • 5 sets of crutches and immobilization knee braces
  • 1 Knee Extension Ergometer (Custom) modified from a Monark Cycle Ergometer for the measurement of quadriceps aerobic exercise capacity
  • 2 Electrocardiogram Systems (3 Lead, and 12 Lead Systems)
  • 1 Analog-input, Handgrip Dynamometer (Biopac)
  • 1 Isokinetic Dynamometer (Biodex) for the measurement of muscle force, acceleration and function
  • 2 Metabolic Carts (TrueOne, Parvo Medics) for the measurement of VO2, and pulmonary function
  • 1 Research Grade Treadmill
  • 2 Electromagnetically braked cycle ergometers (Excalibur, Lode)
  • 2 Electromyography Systems
  • 2 Treatment Tables
  • 1 Lower Body Negative Pressure Chamber (Custom)
  • 10 Heart Rate Monitors (Polar)
  • 8 Percutaneous Muscle Biopsy Needles
  • 1 Steam Sterilization System
  • 1 temperature-controlled environmental chamber
  • 4 Laser Doppler Probes for the measurement of skin blood flow
  • 4 Sweat Rate Monitors
  • Standard exercise physiology lab equipment (e.g. venipuncture systems, lactate monitors, hematocrit monitors, scales, etc.)
  • Multiple computers with an in-house network for automated data backup

Exercise Training Research Lab

Human Performance Research Center Exercise Training Laboratory
  • 4 Automated Treadmills (Adjustable Speed and Grade)
  • 3 Monark Cycle Ergometers
  • 1 Eccentron Exercise Machine for Eccentric stepping exercise
  • 2 Knee Extension Weight Stacks
  • 1 Multi-function Adjustable Pulley System permitting various exercises including lateral pull-downs, knee extension, triceps extensions, bicep curls, shoulder shrugs, etc…
  • 1 Leg Press Machine
  • Dumbbell weight set ranging from 5-100 lbs.
  • 1 Metabolic Cart (Cosmed)

Body Composition Lab

  • 1 DXA body composition system, with trained technicians
  • 2 BodPod body composition systems
  • 10 skin fold calipers

Exercise Biochemistry and Cell Culture Lab

  • Sievers Nitric Oxide Analyzer
  • 1 Spectrophotometer
  • 2 Freezers (-80°C)
  • Basic Biochemistry Lab Equipment
  • 1 Magnetic Bead Multiplex (Magpix)
  • 3 Gel Electrophoresis Kits

Labs of Collaborators on Campus

Hancock Lab

  • 1 Mitochondrial Respirometer (Oroboros)


  • 3 Tesla MRI (Siemens TIM-Trio) with trained technicians