The BYU Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology Lab

The Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology Lab is housed in the Human Performance Research Center at beautiful Brigham Young University. The primary interest of the lab is to determine how poor artery health impacts exercise capacity, and determine how different interventions may be optimally used to improve artery health and exercise capacity (e.g. critical power and VO2max).

Using state-of-the-art techniques, the research in the cardiovascular exercise physiology lab typically involves measuring blood flow (Doppler Ultrasound) and muscle metabolism (Near Infrared Spectroscopy and indirect calorimetry) during exercise in human subjects. Many of our current studies are exploring the efficacy of different long-term interventions (e.g. 8 weeks of exercise training) to improve artery health.

Under the direction of Dr. Jayson Gifford, this technical research is primarily conducted by BYU undergraduate and graduate students. If you are interested in pursuing a masters or Ph.D. in exercise physiology in the lab, please contact Dr. Gifford.

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